Alona Szostak

Alona Szostak, graduate of the Theatre Institute in Moscow, she worked in Gogol Centre in Moscow, „Pohulanka” Vilnius Theatre, Entertainment Theatre in Chorzów, and since 2019 she’s been a part of ensemble of Polish Theatre in Poznan, Poland, where she’s recently played Gertrude in Hamlet directed by Maja Kleczewska, one of the most important Polish theatre directors. She has worked with popular avant-garde Polish theatre artists (e.g. Pawel Demirski, Monika Strzepka, Maja Kleczewska, Ewelina Marciniak). She’s also persuing her solo career, singing recitals composed with songs by various Russian, Jewish and Polish singers. She can be seen in number of Polish cinematic productions (e.g. Artists, dir. M. Strzepka, Strange Heaven, dir. D. Gajewski) and during more than twenty years on stage has been awarded a number of music and theatre awards.