Grzegorz Layer

Grzegorz Layer, born ’88, architect, scenography designer, graduate of Silesian Univeristy of Technology, owner and leader of an author’s design studio in Katowice. He’s an author of awarded and widely discussed projects of buildings, interiors and public spaces. He’s intersted in balanced architecture and social actions based on an idea of participation - since 2013, he’s co-operated on a project of revitalizing city’ yards. He designs art exhibitions, art installations and stage sets - with Ewelina Marciniak he’s worked in Stadt Theater Freiburg (Die Bartholomäusnacht), Entertainment Theatre in Chorzów (Stanczyk. The musical) and Fredro Theater in Gniezno (Im Herzen der Gewalt). For his set design to Carson City (dir. Wojciech Faruga), he was awarded the prize for the best usage of theatre space during the XVIth Polish Fesitwal Of Contemporary Plays „Reality on Stage”. He’s also frequently worked with Drama Theatre in Waldenbrug.